Important Dates

    Papers due:
    20 April 2014
    30 April 2014 (extended)
  • Notification:
    31 May 2014
  • Pre-proceeding version due:
    6 July 2014
  • Final version due:
    27 July 2014
    (after the workshop)
  • Workshop:
    18 July 2014

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Main Event

Vienna Summer of Logic 2014

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Call for Papers

This call for papers is available in PDF or in text


Pre-proceedings will be made available at the venue. The final workshop's proceedings will be submitted to Xplore and CSDL, of the Conference Publishing Services (CPS). After the workshop, authors of the accepted papers will be asked to review their manuscripts to be compliant for publication.

Workshop Topics

We invite submissions from experts in computer security, in social and behavioral sciences, philosophy, and psychology. Contributions should focus on Socio-Technical Aspects mainly in, but not limited to, the following areas:

  • Usability Analysis
  • System-User Interfaces
  • Psychology of Deception
  • Socio-Technical Attacks and Defenses
  • User Perception of Security and Trust
  • Cognitive Aspects in Human Computer Interaction
  • Human Practice and Behaviour Models
  • Design, Specification, Analysis of Socio-Technical Secure Systems
  • Social Engineering
  • Ceremonies and Workflows
  • Game Theoretical Approaches to Security
  • Cyber Crime Science
  • Threat and Adversary Models
  • Social Informatics and Networks
  • Security Ethics
  • Effects of Technology on Trust Building Behaviour
  • Socio-Technical Experiences and Test Cases

Both qualitative and quantitative modelling approaches are welcome.